About Tosha


In my childhood home, my mother and stepfather were often at physical war. To escape this, I intuitively sought out magical fantasy worlds—places where I was safe, comforted, and connected to beauty. Sometimes, this looked like laying down in the thick bamboo forest behind my house, with chutes so high I couldn’t see anything except the sky and clouds. Sometimes, I climbed the tallest tree in the big-branched pine forrest at night to be closer to the moon and stars. And sometimes, I sat in the exposed trunk roots of a massive, old tree near my home. I would settle into a groove of one of those roots, feeling it hug the sides of my lanky arms and skinny legs, as if it were designed by God especially for me. In those spaces I felt held by something bigger than myself.

While I was able to create these safe havens for myself, the scars of that time ran deep. I developed the belief that I was unlovable, broken, and undeserving of being here. These beliefs naturally informed every decision I made and how I carried myself in the world. Although I’ve created a lot of outward success in my life, including starting and running my own businesses, raising three beautiful boys, and cultivating a busy social life, the emptiness and self-doubt I developed as a young girl never left.

Over the years, I turned to anything I could do find comfort and relief: food, money, success, love, drugs, alcohol. Eventually, in 2015, I found myself at a point where I was completely isolated, soul sick, and in dangerous physical health. My spirit was screaming to do something with my life, but I couldn’t pull myself out of crushing destructive cycles. I knew I had to begin the long, slow journey back to myself. I knew I had to return to the little girl who sat in the big roots of the tree, hold her hand, and walk through my life again with love.

The days and months that followed were some of the most difficult and beautiful of my life. Once I became willing, people started to show up in my life to guide and hold me. I joined a program called Hip Sobriety School, that helps women build and sustain a holistic recovery from alcohol. In that program, I began to connect with other women who, like me, had reached a point where they could no longer afford to pretend. We told the truth. We saw each other as we were. We held each other with honor and grace. We got better. This process—of unbecoming and then becoming again together—struck me as the most beautiful work there is.

The Beautiful Work is now the work of my life. It’s about honoring where you’ve been, becoming who you’re meant to be, and thriving.

I now live my life, as Hafiz says, in widening circles. I look back to my childhood and see how much the Universe was holding me even then. I was led to create beautiful experiences—to literally go to places that would support me and deepen my connection to the Divine—and it is now my work to do that intentionally, for myself, and for others.


Why did you create the studio?

I have always imagined myself in a beautiful and artistic space, where I can express myself creatively in endless ways, alongside other people who share the same desires. The studio was born of that vision.

What is your vision for the space?

I envisioned a small town sanctuary where style meets spirit. A soulful, creative space where I host transforming classes and workshops based on my signature program, The Beautiful Work. I also want to provide a space for other artists, teachers, and leaders to host events.

I desire for people to feel at home, to feel safe in their physical and emotional bodies, and to be inspired to connect with who they truly are through personal development, creativity and community.

Ultimately, I desire to support people on their journey, wherever they are, to feel more joy, peace, and power.


What do you teach, and why?

My work centers around holistic wellness, recovery, self-acceptance, personal growth, and creativity. 

I teach classes, workshops and small retreats based on my signature program, The Beautiful Work, and also do private and small group coaching. The experiences I create are high-vibe, music-driven, and transforming. I incorporate yoga, self-inquiry, movement, and creative expression.

What is "The Beautiful Work"?